Rightening the wrongs

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


The truth is politics of some kind or another will not go away and in the past few decades democracy in this country has been diminishing largely because there has risen a growing number of politicians engaged in politicking.

These politicians are merely out to grab power to enrich themselves and they are self seeking, self serving with no real intention to serve the rakyat but to ensure that they come to positions of power through any means to personally profit and gain.

This gross wrongdoing intent of these politicians has to be rightened and the political system of Malaysia as advised by the Malay rulers should be strengthened to weed out corrupt, deadwood and inept politicians.

The Malay rulers as custodians of the people have always stood in a position of impartiality and therefore their wise counsel and advice can always be counted upon to ensure that the wrongs in this country can be rightened.

Malaysians can play a role as well by rejecting outright arrogant, biased and prejudiced politicians who fail to think fair and square and whose intentions are bent on fulfilling their own agenda, their own aspirations and wishes and not that of the rakyat.

It is high time that only those politicians who are hardworking and industrious and whose motives are sincere and genuine be allowed to hold positions of power which they will not abuse or corrupt as they have a proven track record in serving the country.


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