Realities Malaysians must face

by | Feb 6, 2023 | NATIONAL, Opinions | 0 comments


There is no denying that the economic sluggishness in Malaysia is set to be a protracted crisis due largely to the fact that the world is undergoing a global recession and therefore Malaysians must be bold and brave to face up to certain realities.

It’s time for Malaysians to bite the bullet and call a spade a spade. This means that the initial fact the rakat has to undergo is a reality check and stop spending unnecessarily and to be austere and tighten their household budget.

This economic crisis is not going to go away like a bad dream according to leading economists, it is set to stay and this year is going to be a hard year and although certain measures and strategies have been implemented by the government it will take time to bear fruit.

The usual way of life Malaysians are used to has to change. Luxuries should not be on the list of expenses except perhaps by the super rich and elite and those in the B40 income group will have to forego the add ons.

Critical sectors such as the purchase of food and marketing for groceries, transport and rental or payment of installment for housing units will all have to be thoroughly scrutinised to ensure no wastage of scarce incomes.

Unemployment is high and workers are advised to hang on to their jobs while the government goes about creating employment opportunities and employers are urged to be compassionate with employees and for all to work together.


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