Being arrogant comes easy

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


When you sit down and think of the times when there was arrogance displayed by anybody you will find the root cause is in having a false self perception and not thinking soberly but thinking more highly than it should be about ourselves.

The philosopher argued that “a person should not think more highly than they should about themselves but to think soberly,” and although a person thinks soberly about themselves they must also learn to think rightly and well of themselves.

The philosopher further argues that “all men are created equal,” and all it takes is for one person to think of himself more equal than others to tip the apple cart and for all hell to break loose in the way of high handed arrogant behaviour.

Arrogance is a sheer destroyer. It is destructive and ugly to witness and for these reasons alone people should keep a lid on displaying arrogant, haughty behaviour as it creates suffering and misery for everyone.

The reason a person is arrogant is simply because he or she has a distorted, exaggerated sense of importance of themselves and it will serve the person well if they undergo a reality check and curb their overly inflated ego.

The antidote for arrogance is basically to be realistic and to exercise patience, tolerance and respect for self and others as well as to be restrained and self controlled and to develop the insight and awareness of ourselves as a person.


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