Michelle Yeoh now a screen goddess

by | Jan 27, 2023 | NEWS, THE GRAPEVINE, WORLD | 0 comments

Malaysian born and bred actress, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, reached the apex of her career by winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy or Musical film, the second Asian and the first local to win this award.

But the accolades have not stopped, as recently, Michelle has been nominated for an Oscar, Hollywood’s most prestigious award, and Malaysians are rooting for her and if she wins it will be the culmination of sheer hard work and perseverance.

With a never say die attitude, the gutsy woman has proven that a Malaysian can break through the barriers and win fame and fortune if they put their heart and soul in whatever they hope to achieve in life.

But, other than giving her a ‘Tan Sri’ title, the Malaysian government played no part in her success and this is disheartening as there are scores of budding and aspiring Malaysian actors, actresses and singers who are struggling to make it on their own in the international arena.

While, at best, the government will protect, shield and support the local film industry or singers they do not have the vision to see beyond this narrow perspective when Malays, Chinese and Indians can excel at the world stage.

It is hoped that the newly formed unity government would change this scenario and be proactive in helping and assisting those who wish to dream big as, from Michelle’s success, it is obvious that there are Malaysians with world class talents waiting to be unearthed.