Treat migrant workers with consideration

by | Jan 21, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Shoddy treatment being accorded to migrant workers after seeking their assistance to labour and work in various capacities should cease and the government must look into their welfare and well being.

Cases where migrant workers have been abused or bullied surface from time to time and it is high time Malaysians realize that these people should be given due respect and consideration as they are engaged in nation building.

While illegal migrant workers or undocumented workers are not welcome those who have been recruited through the proper channels, while not necessary to give them a red carpet welcome should be seen as being as important as a citizen while working in Malaysia.

Therefore, they must be given their due because they are doing dangerous and dirty work which our fellow Malaysians disdain and prefer to be unemployed and rely on government aid and handouts to survive.

While full employment is not possible, unemployed Malaysians must take up roles which migrant workers are playing now or be displaced as the government cannot assist them in perpetuity and this is why many migrant workers are thriving.

They have been prudent and wise to save money and open up businesses where locals work and it is really the migrant worker who is beginning to call the shots and this is why Malaysians must not underestimate them.


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