The elderly in the digital age

by | Jan 20, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


There is a large greying population in Malaysia now and they are grappling with aging issues from health problems to financial woes and a new era phenomenon which is trying to keep up with changes in technology.

When you discover that there are many people who are not tech savvy, it is easy to commiserate with the elderly, many of whom have all kinds of difficulty trying to successfully adjust to the digital age.

Whose fault is it that the elderly are facing issues with technology? It might be that the finger points to the government who is striving hard to build the nation as a digital, communications and technology hub.

In the process they have grossly overlooked whether the elderly will be able to cope with these developments in technology and this is why the aging population is all at sea when it comes to the use of technological gadgets.

In most advanced and developed countries, continuous professional education or lifelong learning have prompted efforts to initiate and provide training and development for the elderly to acquire at least the basic technological skills.

The Malaysian government must go in this direction to educate and train the elderly by having courses and programs to help the elderly master technological skills to be comfortable and confident as it is seen as the way forward.


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