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Goodwill Industries International and Coursera have collaborated to create the Goodwill® Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate. The first-of-its-kind certificate will provide anyone pursuing a career in workforce development and career navigation with educational content developed from Goodwill’s 120-year history of industry-leading expertise.

Through the power of Coursera’s cost-effective online platform, this self-paced course provides learning and development for Goodwill Coaches and Career Navigators. Workforce Development tools and resources for Goodwill Coaches and Navigators are also provided to assist them as they support job seekers in need of Goodwill’s support across the U.S. and Canada. Designed from the experience and expertise of local Goodwill career services teams, the online training prepares professionals for careers in the emerging career coaching and navigation profession.

Career coaches and navigators play an essential role in Goodwill’s mission by connecting more than one million people each year with employment, education and support services. Accessible, career-focused learning programs that lead to professional certificates help job seekers find good employment, earn a living wage, and contribute to the economic recovery in their own neighborhoods. The Goodwill Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate is available to aspiring professionals looking to enhance their skills and scale workforce development and career advancement services, including Goodwill’s nonprofit and community partners.

As the nation’s economic opportunity gap widens, solutions and resources are too often unknown or beyond reach of job seekers and career advancers. Career coaches and navigators bring trajectory-shifting expertise that people use to make the most of their potential and pivot their career paths. Individuals use essential career navigation services to clarify their interests and career path, build skills to be ready for employment, and seize their opportunity to thrive. 

“Goodwill provides career services to help individuals facing barriers reach their potential through the power of work. Employers in local communities find Goodwill to be a trusted source for talent,” said Martin Scaglione, Chief Mission Officer of Goodwill Industries International. “The Goodwill Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate not only benefits career services professionals and employers, but most importantly it is a game changer for the individual they both serve, by opening access to opportunity.

To learn more about the program and start learning today, visit this link.

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