Poverty – Just hype or for real?

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


Malaysia might not be the world’s richest country but it has sufficient financial resources to take care of its people and this is why Malaysians are wondering if poverty in this country is just hype or for real.

Malaysia after all is a leader among the nations of this world in hype. Needles to say, many Malaysians have a tendency to stretch the truth to gain attention to whatever cause they are championing.

This is why people in this country take things with a pinch of salt whenever it crops up or just take it in their stride without being ruffled, unperturbed as they are used to hype. But the issue of poverty, both urban and rural, could be a very real spectre.

While the government claims that hardcore poverty has been eradicated and rural poverty is now their next focus, it is urban poverty that needs to be addressed as it is clandestine in nature and not real or apparent.

But when viewed on the ground level, the rakyat is appealing for bailouts and Malaysians out on the streets in urban settings are soliciting for donations and relating all kinds of horrifying or pathetic stories of poverty.

The government of the day needs to seriously undertake affirmative action for all Malaysians to ensure that the poverty phenomenon does not get out of control and every person has sufficient resources to live a good life.


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