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Kuke Music Holding Limited (“Kuke” or the “Company”), a leading classical music service platform in China with approximately 3 million audio and video music tracks, announced the Company’s ground breaking Youth Artist Development Program, which is focused on competition, discovery and development of young artistic talent, has reached a record enrollment level. Nearly 8,500 students have already successfully enrolled in the Company’s 2022 program, up 200% year-on-year and representing 61 cities across China. Qien Wang, who topped the piano category in Kuke’s 2021 competition, won the opportunity to release his digital recordings under the Naxos label.

Kuke’s highly successful Youth Artist Development Program is also breaking new ground, with nearly 60 of China’s most famous artistic experts joining the Performing Arts Committee, including Chen Leiji, the famous guqin player; and Lin Chen, professional, conductor and the Chair of the Conducting Department at the Central Conservatory of Music in China. The comprehensive program includes eight different competitive categories: keyboard, orchestral, percussion, folk, vocal, plucking, musical and language.

Mr. He Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Kuke Music Holding Limited, commented, “Our program provides a great platform to connect young people from across the country through art, and promote development of high-quality fine arts training. We are very pleased with the strong support from prominent fine arts professionals and program participants. The record enrollment level is a testament to the success we have achieved in leveraging our program to uncover and develop new musical talent. We expect our program will continue to grow in 2023 based on demand we are seeing from cities across China, which will help further establish our brand and the powerful platform.”

“We believe there is a huge opportunity in front of us to drive meaningful growth and expansion through the integration of music training with our highly successful music licensing and subscription businesses. For example, it is estimated that there are already nearly 40 million children learning to play piano in China. This would account for almost 80% of the world’s piano-playing children. In addition, in China’s first and second-tier cities, almost half of the children are learning to play an instrument. This is just one segment for us, however, as we remain committed to supporting the broader classical music industry chain, as one of the world’s largest classical music copyright and subscription services, with a strong brand, and influential development and creator platform for international competition, training and performing arts.”

As a leader in China’s classical music market, Kuke Music has achieved an estimated 47% market share in classical music copyright licensing services in China. Kuke continues to expand its digital music library, focusing on strengthening classical music content and continuously exploring the value of classical music copyright monetization.

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