Why the need to ban gambling?

by | Jan 12, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


The north Malaysian state government of Kedah has taken the drastic and extreme measure of banning all forms of gambling as it is deemed evil as there is no possibility of prospering from such an activity.

But is gambling really evil? Experts in the know choose to differ. Gambling is really meant to be an enjoyable pastime and when played by using a Responsible Gaming Policy can give a person many hours of fun and entertainment.

But gambling should not be engaged in with a view to ‘cari makan’ or earn a living. This is where the social ills come in like encountering issues with relationships, health, finances, work, business or study.

Instead of having a blanket ban on gambling the unity government must embark on a mission to educate people in gaming and racing activities to be aware of the dangers and to practice self censorship as is being done in Singapore with much success.

Illegal gambling must also be legalized, regulated and monitored as there has been a huge loss in gaming tax and revenue to the government and this is what actually happens when gambling is banned – people participate in it illicitly.

Any decision to ban gambling will only be counter productive as people will find ways and means to gamble and this activity cannot be totally eliminated. It is better to do the right thing by focusing on education and awareness campaigns on gambling which will be more beneficial.


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