Rising costs of meals for schoolchildren

by | Jan 10, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Whether you are a parent of school kids in the United States, India, Singapore or Malaysia, getting a nutritious, healthy and balanced meal at the school canteen has become an issue and it is staggering the furore that has been created in this country.

In the first place this should never be an issue as it’s about meals for kids who have to attend school and why should they eat scraps or have to sacrifice on a meal when there is no real shortage of food.

Food security has already been assured by the Malaysian government. But parents are complaining of the poor choice of meals for their kids in school and for this meagre food the prices charged are considered very high.

Children should not bear the brunt and it is understandable why parents are up in arms with the school authorities and the education ministry when, in actual fact, meals for schoolchildren can be provided free by the government.

The only reason parents have to fork out money for their child’s meal in school is because the government is still riddled with corruption when, in fact, government allocations can be provided to school canteen operators to provide free meals.

This will not only go easy on parents but will also ease the plight of school kids who can then be free to focus on excelling and improving in their studies while the money saved can be spent on tuition, books, school uniforms and shoes for school.


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