The actual meaning of prosperity

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


It’s the beginning of the year where festivals are celebrated and people are wishing prosperity and good tidings but there seems to be some misunderstanding over what exactly prosperity is as it means different things to different people.

But for most people the connotation behind prosperity means you have to be very rich with lots of money and material goods. If you ask people in general this is the likely response that you will get and in a certain way it is also right.

But the actual meaning of prosperity goes beyond mere dollars and sense and material possessions. It is the wellness that is derived by living life in a balanced way. It is a holistic outlook by people which encompasses body, soul and spirit.

Prosperity is like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces of the puzzle all fit together perfectly to form a perfect picture of a person. The person in this picture is healthy, wealthy, wise and well. The person lacks nothing and his life is complete.

This is the actual meaning of prosperity where a prosperous person’s life is lived in harmony and balance with nature where all the elements of life are in their appropriate position and the person is actually living in a state of bliss.

Many facets of life can lead us to prosperity and it is time to look a little deeper and beyond just the externals by which men judge their fellow men for us to enjoy and savour this bliss once obtained for the rest of our lives.


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