Being smart or just being a cheat

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


When fugitive Malaysian businessman, Jho Low, stole billions of ringgit from the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund inflicting suffering, pain and hardship on the people of Malaysia, there actually were people who idolized, respected and admired him for being ‘smart’.

What this means is that there are a growing number of people all over the world who view cheating nowadays as being smart. They cheat, lie and con but seriously believe that they are actually being smart and chide others for it.

What gives? It’s obvious that values have changed all over the world that some big businesses and corporations actually now make a provision in their business dealings for being cheated as it is expected that this will happen in the course of doing business.

Is this to say that if a person is not a cheat, liar or con he is actually being stupid? What do people do when the situation is like this? This is why it can be inferred that Malaysians have a poor understanding of what constitutes corruption.

They are unsure, confused or doubtful if their dealings are legitimate or whether it is just plain acts of corruption and since they are many caught in this dilemma how is runaway corruption in this country ever going to be brought under control?

This is why it is important to have an education and awareness program on corruption and to make character education a compulsory course of study from nursery to schools to colleges and universities and in the private and public sector.


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