Climate change set to get worse?

by | Dec 30, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Malaysians are now very wary of the weather and for them even the weather predictions of the esteemed Meteorological Department of Malaysia or MetMalaysia is not considered accurate enough and can sometimes even be contradictory.

Given the chronology of weather patterns over the year, it’s really hard for a 100 percent accurate prediction of the weather and this can largely be blamed on a number of factors with the biggest issue being environmental degradation.

It was really a case of too much development too soon that is basically to be blamed for the inclement weather. While environmentalists and social activists campaigned against unsustainable development they were muzzled and clamped down.

Now there are Malaysians actually living in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity as flash floods or landslides have displaced and unsettled them in what is considered to be a backlash by Mother Nature.

This is why the people go into the year 2023 with a sense of trepidation over what kind of weather patterns they will encounter and it looks like it’s anyone’s guess which is why the new year holds a lot of intrigue for them.

The government has to assemble its expertise and machinery to focus on making the weather more manageable but while how this can be done is still uncertain the government will have to bear full responsibility for loss of lives, damage to property and other ills.


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