New Year resolutions for 2023

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Opinions | 0 comments


The year 2022 is about to depart with all its ups and downs and a new year is about to begin for us and it is good if the coming year can be faced with people better prepared and ready to confront the challenges and hurdles of life’s ever increasing complexities.

The changing landscape and life in Malaysia can perhaps benefit us and prosper us if only there is the wisdom in us to come up with new year resolutions which people can honour and keep to ensure they live a healthier, happier and better life.

For those of us who resolve to give up habits like smoking, alcoholism or gambling and other forms of vices, to start the year on a clean slate, the year end might be a good time for you to consider doing it.

Not just bad habits that are formed by us but ugly temper, nasty behaviour, the use of expletives and profanities or other behaviour that needs modification like living off others, being too lazy or unmotivated to work also needs to be resolved.

Whatever it is that irks us and is not right, preventing us from living a full life, like fears and phobias, anxiety and depression or living below the poverty line are issues that can be worked out by formulating resolutions on how to overcome these conditions.

For most of us to adhere strictly to our new year resolutions, it will be difficult to honour our resolutions since achieving success in anything is easier said than done. But the ball is at our feet and there is no need to state that all of us know what is the right thing to do with our lives.


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