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Cultivate Tomorrow’s Talents and Inspire Boundless Exploration

The first interactive, experiential science and technology museum in China – the NEOBIO Museum (Shanghai), located in Al PLAZA along the Xuhui West Bund, will officially be unveiled to the public. The NEOBIO Museum is a popular landmark in Shanghai, accomplished in creating 360-degree, wholistic experiences. The brand is committed to cultivating tomorrow’s talents alongside Chinese families and society, and contribute to the strategic realization of invigorating the nation through science and technology.

Ms. Chen Yandan, founder of NEOBIO and Ms. Xu Jing, CEO of NEOBIO attended the grand opening with industry guests, media and audiences to witness the debut of the museum. The museum space is colored to perfection in white and gold to turn the spotlight on the historic moments of civilization and mankind’s journey. The electronic screen, lighting and high-rise building create a sense of grandeur. Two robotic arms stand over the marble table at reception, where human and artificial intelligence gather in the same room, as if in the future world of cyber electronics.

Maye Musk, brand ambassador of NEOBIO and a respected mother, delivered a video speech for the opening ceremony, where she congratulated the museum on its opening and provided thought-provoking remarks on the cultivation of future science talents: “Everyone has different talents and if you want children to be truly happy, you must let them do what they really love. Congratulations to NEOBIO on its first museum opening, and I strongly encourage families from all over the world to visit and explore the unknown and lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.”

Immersive expedition and full sensory interaction to create a multi-dimensional journey of discovery

Covering diverse fields such as natural science, avant-garde technology and aerospace exploration, NEOBIO Museum guides children to understand the boundless relationship between science, life and art through full sensory, interactive experiences, and uncover the infinite charm of science.

The museum has three floors, covering an area of 6000m², and is divided into five major exhibitions. In Power Hungary, the process of mankind understanding nature and transforming it into a source of energy is revealed; In Miracle Labs, audiences witness the birth, development and aging of life, and understand the delicate works of human organs and cells; In Secret Studios, explorers conduct a well-versed symphony using art and technology; In Maker’s Hall, every visitor becomes a natural innovator and experiences the joy of creation; And coming to Space Station, audiences travel in space to understand the mysteries left for future generations in the vast sea of stars.

Steering away from display style exhibition, the NEOBIO Museum integrates knowledge, art and hands-on experience, bringing to life a full sensory scientific experience, stimulating children’s scientific interests and broadening their scientific horizons. Themed science activities and parent-child sessions are held as a part of the museum’s program around the year, bringing to children and parents 21st century skills through experiments and hands-on experience.

The museum is equipped with NEOBIO’s first-ever smart wristband location tracking system, so parents are free of any safety concerns while children explore the grounds. In terms of catering facilities, the museum offers a selection of nutritious specialty menus, so that individuals and families who come to dine and visit can enjoy 360-degree, quality service.

Science is the foundation of academic research, education and the sustainable development of the world, and children and young people are an important source in the science and technology talent pool. NEOBIO is the first domestic interactive technology space that breaks the traditional top-down education funnel, allowing children to gain access to more than just watching at the museum, and encouraging them to think critically and seek knowledge through real experiences.

NEOBIO’s innovative education system is a practice based on the consensus of what makes quality modern education, and is also an advanced layout for future talent development. As the museum opens its doors to the public, it will also play a key role in cultivating a new generation of talents with scientific ideals and helping to improve the scientific and technological literacy of young people, hence strategically invigorating the nation through science and technology.

NEOBIO is an innovative and revolutionary new brand, and the proud creator of the highly acclaimed NEOBIO Family Center, and is now bringing to life the first-ever interactive science and technology museum in China. In the future, NEOBIO has plans to continue to create tangible and experiential spaces, all to cultivate more world citizens with scientific literacy and all-round capabilities.

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