Mahathir’s fall from grace

by | Dec 13, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Former Malaysian dictator and veteran UMNO strongman, Mahathir Mohammad, following the conclusion of the 15th General Election has fallen from grace into disgrace and it was a sign from most Malaysians that they want to see the back of him.

It was an inglorious way to go and it also showed that his legacy was in tatters as it was perhaps a case of overstaying his welcome in Malaysian politics which is the only thing he has been doing for the last six decades.

Wikipedia describes Mahathir as a dictator in Malaysia and many Malaysians believe that by leaving the medical profession and entering politics he has only enriched himself, his family, cronies and sycophants on the pretext of taking care of Malay Muslims.

While citing his motive as wanting to uplift the status of Bumiputeras, the outcome of his years in Malaysian politics only showed that he established a minority elite while other Malaysians toiled for him and his cartel to sit pretty.

Mahathir played the role of Malay chauvinist, though he had a drop of Indian blood in him, and he deceived the Malays to endorse him as their leader when the end result was that only a few Malaysians really prospered as he failed to equitably distribute national wealth.

Many Malaysians are seething in rage, angry and bitter with him for using race and religion to divide them only to ensure that he gets his selfish self-seeking way and they are now relieved that his evil ways are over and done.


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