The commercialization of festivals

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Opinions | 0 comments


Concerns are being raised by spiritual leaders of the various religions and faiths in the country, that Malaysians practice, over the gross and crass commercialization of festivals where it looks as if spending power rather than spiritual values are upheld.

It’s an issue that has become noticeable and highlighted during festive seasons where people tend to place a premium on material goods and the lure of money rather than focus on the spiritual and religious value of a festival.

This trend of displaying lavish spending to celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Christmas which are the major festivals of the Chinese, Muslims, Hindus and Christians respectively every year now seems to have become heavily commercialized.

It is now the norm not only to worship during these festivals at mosques, temples and churches but to also ensure that money is given as gifts to commemorate the occasion and this monetary emphasis seems to take much greater priority over the religious significance of a festival.

While, in actuality and truth, some see this as a non issue, spiritual leaders lament that their faithful have shifted focus in such a way that the lines between being spiritual and materialistic or monetary minded have become blurred.

Spiritual leaders caution that this is a setback to instilling spiritual values in a person and is a dangerous trend for which they believe that the practitioners of their faith should do some soul searching to rein in the commercial and monetary aspect of a festival.


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