Gula Cakery debuts delectable French pastry line to celebrate seven sweet years

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Business, LOCAL | 0 comments

Local crowd favourite Gula Cakery recently celebrated its seventh-year anniversary not with its signature cakey delights, but with a tribute to its founder’s time learning the art of baking in France: a new line of buttery, flaky croissants!

Inspired by founder Arieni Ritzal’s journey from grandma’s kitchen to the eye-opening world of Parisian culinary schools, Gula Cakery debuted three new variations of the humble croissant: nutty sweet Caramel Almond, refreshing and tangy Strawberry Cream, and the luxurious Nutella Chocolate.

These new additions are RM15 each and join Gula Cakery’s existing repertoire of viennoiserie pastries, all baked to a golden ratio which is crunchy and flaky perfection on the outside, cloud-soft and warm goodness on the inside.

“When I was learning the ropes in Paris, I was so blown away by the French patissiers’ respect and attention to detail for their pastries!

“That’s part of the reason why Gula Cakery has always been about baking each of our classic homemade goodies to perfection, and embracing a nostalgic taste infused with fan favourite flavours. There’s no better time to spotlight that than now, taking the anniversary as an opportunity to appreciate our roots while also celebrating a new addition to our stores,” Arieni shared.

The croissants won’t be short of company either as they make their debut alongside a range of delectable tartlets, which come in 12 different flavours. These include classics such as Dark Chocolate, Lemon Cream, and Strawberry, as well as a host of brand new flavours such as Ferrero Rocher Crunch, Heavenly Pistachio, Nutty Macadamia, and a whole lot more.

In addition to the new pastries, Gula Cakery also celebrated its seventh anniversary with a two-day event at its flagship store in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.