Achieving satisfaction from life

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Opinions | 0 comments


There are a growing number of people that feel desolate and disconsolate while also being unsettled and unbalanced in life because they have lost a grip of themselves and fear that their lives are descending into a meaningless spiral.

There is great dissatisfaction among these people and they voice concern directly or indirectly that they hardly get any meaning and satisfaction in life and feel lost and miserable while just going through the motions of life everyday in a dull, boring routine.

In studies conducted by leading psychologists around the world they pinpoint the reason for this condition or malaise as unrealistic expectations or a failure to gauge accurately their personal or individual level of satisfaction in life.

Since there is no limit and a never ending level to success, people must, from the outset of getting involved in a venture or activity, outline their level of satisfaction, at what level they will feel successful and happy in whatever pursuit they undertake.

In a world of infinite possibilities and ever growing opportunities, there is a need for people to exercise restraint and self control and most of all a sense of realism and ascertain if they have the qualities necessary to fulfill a goal or objective in life.

While the sky may be the limit, people must draw the line and determine their own level of satisfaction and meaning in life and not draw comparisons with the achievements of others, as then, they can never be truly satisfied.


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