Awakening the dream of a New Malaysia

by | Dec 3, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Once again many Malaysians dare to dream of a New Malaysia following the formation of a unity government after the impasse of the November 19, 15th General Election results and they also are bold enough to believe that it is a dream that can be turned into prosaic reality.

Many authors, journalists, politicians and commentators have embarked and stressed on the theme of a New Malaysia which will incorporate egalitarian values and a partnership of equals between all races and ethnic groups.

New Malaysia is the culmination of the opposition for decades who never gave up on such a possibility and this time round the time is ripe and the setting is in place to turn the dream into reality and cast it once and for all in stone.

This is the opportune time, the circumstances are right and all the political elements are in place that there is no need to tinker anymore with the plan of a New Malaysia which took a long time in coming to fruition.

Let’s all as Malaysians focus on nation building, let our energies and enthusiasm be channeled with one aim and objective and that is to awaken the dawn of a New Malaysia which will be inclusive of all regardless of race and religion.

New Malaysia should be developed into a watchword or catch phrase for every Malaysian to undertake the diligent task of evolving into a winning formula whereby people of all walks of life benefit and enjoy immensely.


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