PBE Link Trading – Natural Goodness for All

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PBE Link Trading was established in 2017 and initially started off selling prayer items and tourism products. After operating for a while, PBE Link Trading’s entrepreneurial founder, Sharen, decided that instead of reselling things, she would manufacture her own products instead. The pandemic proved to be a fruitful time for Sharen. She’d taken a soap-making course at Soap Malaysia and with the world coming to a standstill, found herself with plenty of time to put her new skills into practice.

Experimenting with making turmeric and neem soap, she distributed it among her neighbours and at her workplace. At a time when hygiene could spell the difference between staying safe and battling a deadly virus, the soap came as much-needed aid. Using an old ancestral recipe, she managed to formulate a product that eliminates itching, fights acne, and controls oil in addition to having anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties. The soap was a hit, and soon Sharen was flooded with requests to make more of the soap for purchase.

After going commercial with the soap, Sharen started thinking of new ideas that could help her expand her business. She then settled on plans to produce Sambrani. Using a unique, never before used fragrance in her Sambrani, Sharen sought to set her product apart, and she soon saw startling results. Coming in three options – these being hard, medium, and soft smelling – Sharen’s Sambrani was, like her soap, instantly popular. She conducted a survey to measure the popularity of her product and found it had a 99% approval rate. It was then that Sharen knew she had to commercialise her product.

The founder of PBE Link Trading, Sharen.

Business was booming and earlier this year, PBE Link Trading opened its first wholesale shop in the Seremban area. Sharen doesn’t sell her products in any stores but her own. She only permits housewives and others with an interest in part-time trading to resell her products, providing them with an opportunity to build income streams from the comfort of their own homes. Helping other people through her business is important to Sharen, and she does all she can to see them become a success in their own right.

Providing her agents with sales incentives and teaching them how to run a business, Sharen empowers all those who work with her. A total of 30 agents spread throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia is a testament to her methods and the effectiveness of her products. Doing what she can to provide employment opportunities and especially empowering women are causes very close to Sharen’s heart.

A few of the Sambrani products on offer

Her products have built quite the following, being enjoyed by those from various cultural backgrounds and walks of life. Using only natural ingredients and time-tested processes, the company ensures that its products are safe and beneficial for everyone to use. PBE Link Trading continues to go from strength to strength, constantly finding new ways to innovate be it in product development or business growth. Sharen strives to be the best businesswoman she can be, and ably supported by her loving husband, she has everything she needs to grow the company and make it a success.

To find out more on PBE Link Trading, visit Sharen’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.