A tale of two Malay’s

by | Nov 23, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


According to a source, familiar with the Malay Muslim community, following the conclusion of the 15thGE, there has emerged only two types of Malays in this country and they are the decent, right and proper Malays and on the opposing side, the corrupt, racist and evil Malays.

Whether this is true and to be believed is a point of debate, but it looks as if there is a ring of truth to it by witnessing the behaviour portrayed by Abdul Hadi Awang, spiritual leader of Parti PAS, who is responsible for a “Green Wave” in the 15thGE.

Many Malaysians muse over Hadi Awang and wonder if he is actually wise or just a plain, foolish old man who supposedly passes off as holy and righteous but is being described as ‘munafik’ or a hypocrite by fellow Malay Muslims who are at loggerheads with him.

Hadi Awang is the man who created the schism of there being two types of Malays now. An autocrat, who in all probability has only read one book all his life, which is the Holy Al Koran which is to be responsible for his intellectual and spiritual formation.

While there is nothing explicitly wrong with this, many progressive and liberal Malays beg to differ and believe that the most holy and beautiful religion of Islam is being made use of by Hadi Awang for his personal gain and that of his political party.

It is once again the ploy of Hadi Awang to play the race and religion cards to divide Malaysians to cause the emergence of the two Malay’s and already the effects of his gambit is being felt as international and institutional investors exercise caution and alcohol and gambling stocks tumble.


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