Will the ‘Talibanisation of Malaysia’ become complete?

by | Nov 21, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


While this might give many right thinking Malaysians goosebumps, picture this scenario which may emerge following the results of the 15th GE as Parti Pas and Perikatan Nasional form the government with Hadi Awang as Prime Minister?

In Malaysia’s changing political landscape, anything can happen as BN now becomes a minor party in Malaysia much to the dismay of many of its followers who have undoubtedly decided to ditch them.

The reasoning in Malaysia is that in any general election, the Malays decide. They are the actual kingmakers and this time round the Malays have stealthily given their support to the only recently formed Perikatan Nasional.

The other reason for this is that Malays have a very genuine and real fear of losing the special rights and privileges that comes with being a Bumiputera and they shy away from political parties that clamour for change and reforms like Harapan.

This is the reason why Pakatan Harapan was not given an exclusive mandate as many Bumiputeras feel that they still need affirmative action and the other reason which dented Pakatan’s hopes was the voter turnout.

In all likelihood if PN is the coalition that will merge with other political parties to form the nation’s next government, to the watching world it will signal a paradigm shift towards emulating war torn Afghanistan, with Islamisation and Talibanisation on the cards.


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