Come out and vote in full force Malaysians

by | Nov 18, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments

by Dato’ R. Rajendran

Kali inilah (This time).

Let us take the bull by the horns and come out in full force to establish Pakatan Harapan as the government after polling on November 19 in the 15th GE so the end will be put to 32 months of sheer madness by incompetent politicians.

The ball is at our feet. It’s time to score and to hit the right note this time. Let’s give a majority mandate or a landslide win to Pakatan for them to restore the dignity and pride of every Malaysian who has been put through hell by inept and corrupt politicians.

Let’s be wiser this time and not allow the gallery of rogues to rape, plunder and loot the nation at their will. Turn out in full force, especially those who are in a dither, those sitting on the fence, to boot these jokers, clowns and traitors who have betrayed the nation.

The glory and splendour of Malaysia must be restored. The nation Malaysia was a powerhouse in the region and a beacon of hope of a multiracial and multi-religious country where the people lived in peace and harmony.

The world looked up to us as a shining example of a plural society. But political parties such as Parti PAS, Bersatu, UMNO, and other smaller components have been working to fleece the rakyat causing a burden of hardship, suffering and misery to be imposed on the people.

This is the time to root out the evil from our country by voting en masse for Pakatan as they are the only political party that can eradicate the evil posed by the other parties and bring their leaders to court to ensure justice is seen to be done.

Come polling day Malaysia will be at the crossroads and your vote and you can make a difference. Make your vote count for good to triumph over evil and for Pakatan to be given the rightful opportunity to lead this nation on track to be a Great Nation.