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This new learning program helps children develop mathematical thinking and communication skills with digital learning tools and interactive contents. It provides a research-based sequence of instruction based on the math skills and concepts of the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics developed by MetaMetrics®.

Math Alive, a digital elementary school math learning program independently developed by Visang, an international education company, will be releasing on AllviA Edu.

Math Alive is an international math learning program that combines elementary school math content for kindergarteners to 5th graders with Visang’s proprietary edtech platform. Math Alive, designed to be deployed worldwide, was developed to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) academic achievement standards, an English-based common American curriculum.

This program is run as an interactive class that connects the teacher’s electronic board with students’ tablets, allowing students to intuitively understand math concepts. It will likely contribute to the growth of both students and teachers as it can improve not only the student’s concentration level but also the interaction between teachers and students.

Students can develop math thinking skills and intuitively understand abstract math concepts while learning core concepts using 300 different digital learning tools. Particularly, through personalized problem-solving and portfolio work that combines metacognitive learning and AI technology, it’s possible to help children develop their ability to explain math concepts in their own language, making math more fun. As it’s undertaken in activity-oriented classes and follows global achievement standards, students who struggle in math can learn it without difficulty, regardless of their nationality.

Above all, by introducing the Quantile Framework, a unique scientific measurement system that indicates the relative difficulty of mathematical skills and concepts, it takes the guesswork out of instruction by describing which skills and concepts the student has learned and is ready to learn.

Mr. WooKun Hur, head of Visang’s Global Company Group, said, “Even before the product was developed, we signed export deals with Vietnamese education service providers, and we’re preparing to launch it on our own in Vietnam. Given that math is a subject with many more common elements across countries and thus has a high degree of scalability compared to other subjects, we expect the opportunities for Math Alive to be sold overseas will increase further in the future.” 

Math Alive: www.allviaedu.com/explore/math-alive

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