Batu constituency hotly contested in 15th GE

by | Nov 14, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


In the current 15th General Election (GE) campaigning, many people are following events closely in the constituency of Batu where incumbent P. Prabhakaran and his mentor Tian Chua are squaring off in a hotly contested battle.

Complicating the issue is the presence of another 13 candidates including the popular social activist Siti Kassim and influencer Cleopatra which is set to split the votes according to political analysts.

The Batu constituency was won in the 2008 general election by Tian Chua on a PKR ticket. He retained the seat in the 13th GE but in the 14thGE he was disqualified on a technicality and he hand picked and selected P. Prabhakaran who won the seat.

Many Malaysians ponder on why P. Prabhakaran does not now do the right thing and make way for Tian Chua just as Tian Chua endorsed his candidacy in the last general election and why he has to engage in battle with his former mentor.

But critics contend and ask if anyone, especially Tian Chua, has a divine right to claim the Batu constituency? This has resulted in much furore in this election campaign and many Malaysians are wondering who will emerge the victor.

But, in all fairness, both Tian Chua and Prabhakaran have worked hard to serve the constituents of Batu and finally it will be the ballot box that will reveal if the mentor has an edge over his protege or vice versa.


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