Jinan Vocational College Triumphant at the First World Vocational College Skills Competition

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The First World Vocational College Skills Competition, co-sponsored by 35 organizations including the Ministry of Education of China and the National Development and Reform Commission of China, was held in Tianjin.

Jinan Vocational College won the silver medal in the Drone Maintenance and Application Competition.

In the competition, the three students from the College were asked to achieve outcomes by using the drone electronic kits, flight control and parameter adjustment software, drones, onboard computers for application development, and analysis and processing software provided by the Executive Committee in actual application scenarios of drone installation and maintenance, drone flight control, drone application development and drone racing flight.

In addition to two Chinese students, Liu Haoran and Huang Weijie, participants from the College also included an international student from Tajikistan, Mohammad. Mohammad was tasked with the installation of the drone, Liu Haoran with the test flight and Huang Weijie with theory testing and programming. Concentrating on their own particular strengths, these three students put on a great performance in drone installation and commissioning, staging a test flight and undertaking repairs, development of an automatic river patrol application, and water uptake by the drone at fixed points, demonstrated excellent theoretical literacy and technical skills, and won recognition with cooperation and confidence.

In Jinan Vocational College, young people from different countries competed together, overcame the obstacles and forged ahead towards their common goal. It is the first international competitive event held in China for vocational college students, presenting them with an opportunity to show their skills as well as to learn more new things. The competition is divided into competitions and demonstrations, including 15 competitions including drone maintenance and application and 8 demonstrations such as craftsmanship. More than 1,000 students from over 300 schools representing 100-plus countries took part in the competition, making it the largest international vocational college skills competition by number of countries involved.

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