Be A Part of Samsung Malaysia’s Solve for Tomorrow 2022 & Become the Next CHANGEMAKER

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Gather your team and head on now to Samsung Malaysia’s website to submit your application!

The anticipated competition – Solve for Tomorrow is BACK for the 3rd time in a row this year. Students in Form 1 & 2 can NOW register and submit their applications till 23 September. All they need is to describe an issue and provide STEM solutions across three main themes – Education & Learning, Sustainability & Environment and Health & Well-being to make that first step to being the changemaker this country needs.

Being a CHANGEMAKER takes a lot of initiative, creativity and forward thinking and who better to do so than the youths of TODAY! Supporting the theme this year, Samsung Malaysia engaged 4 inspirational leaders – Norhailmi Abdul Mutalib, Cheryl Ann Fernando, Vinesh Sinha and Rocyie Wong – who have played a prominent STEM role in Malaysia.

Our inspiring leaders who were carefully selected have one thing in common – THEIR PASSION. Their individual passion will have the ability to ignite the interest in our students to rise to the occasion in accomplishing their project ideas. Our leaders will be the guiding light for our students, turning them towards the right direction in any selected theme of their choice to make this world a better place for the next generation. 

Our leaders, professional experts vigorously involved in numerous initiatives, will be working alongside our students to guide them throughout their ideation process and project outcomes. With their real-world experience, they would be able to motivate, influence and communicate their knowledge to our students to take on bold missions in wanting to change the world.

Let’s hear what our leaders have to say: – 

“STEM is something close to my heart as I became a Science teacher myself. Science has always been THAT subject that made me question everything. When the world was in lockdown, I had to do what it takes to retain the excitement and interest in their education – and my journey on TikTok took off. I modified my approach to educate not only my students, but Malaysians at large.” – Norhailmi Abdul Mutalib, High School Science Master
“I signed up with Teach for Malaysia and embarked on a journey which gave me a new perspective on education in Malaysia. Teaching English at a rural secondary school led me to bigger ventures in improving Malaysia’s education system. I currently helm the PEMIMPIN GSL; an initiative seeking to empower Malaysian school leaders to lead positive school transformation. For me, it all starts with the educators and that is where my mission is at.” – Cheryl Ann Fernando, CEO, Pemimpin GSL
“My adventure started through the development of science behind taking oil waste from food industries in Malaysia and transforming them into biofuels to reduce carbon emissions. This evolution and with recent technology led me to being the recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30 – Asia – Industry, Manufacturing & Energy award in 2018. This proves that perseverance goes a long way and I hope it would inspire the next group of individuals to thrive in the STEM space.” – Vinesh Sinha, CEO & Founder of FatHopes Energy
“STEM in my life worked differently. As there were not a lot of exposure around people who had skin conditions, I used the power of technology to create a more compassionate and empathetic space for them. Subsequently, I launched a body positivity campaign and received overwhelmingly positive response in less than a month. Following that, I developed an online support group and am in the plans to branch out to international waters.” – Rocyie Wong, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

For further information, visit www.samsung.com/my/solvefortomorrow/ and register here to be a CHANGEMAKER today.