iBilik to set new rental standards with iBilikPreferred

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Business, PROPERTIES | 0 comments

Leading rental management company, iBilik, is making new waves in the industry after a robust revamp of its operations and leadership team. Aiming to make the local room rental scene stronger than ever before, the company has entered into strategic merger with Malaysia’s largest IoT-enabled rental management system, SpacePlus.

To mark this momentous occasion, the new and improved platform has announced the first of many offerings, iBilikPreferred, to the market’s co-living ecosystem to elevate the rental standards for landlords and tenants alike.

With landlords and tenants across the nation respectively reporting rental-related difficulties whether it be unpaid rent, subpar living conditions, and multiple accounts of a lack of accountability to each other, it is clear that a higher standard is needed to ensure that this ecosystem is properly safeguarded and managed.

To ensure that this becomes a reality, the iBilikPreferred feature offers tenants a multitude of benefits and functions including a Virtual Advisor that provides assistance to users online, an enhanced verification system for listings to ensure the quality and comfort of the accommodation options, the removal of security deposits as a prerequisite for renting, a 100% money guarantee to be provided for 24-hours, and a wider selection of Rent-To-Own options which sanctions an alternative method for property acquisition.

More than that, rooms under iBilikPreferred are verified, furnished, and equipped based on a 30-step guideline that promises a high standard of living for tenants.

Essentially, this enhanced feature aims to set the iBilik standard as a new level of excellence in rental management, raising the bar for industry players nationwide when creating memorable living experiences for tenants.

Simultaneously, this enables tenants to maintain high expectations when looking for a place to live and have them be met with exacting levels of service, comfort, and safety.