AMDA College of the Performing Arts launches online Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degrees in Acting and Music Theatre

by | Jun 20, 2022 | EDUCATION | 0 comments

AMDA students performing together in a virtual environment

AMDA College of the Performing Arts has answered the call to action to provide accessible performing arts education to everyone, everywhere with the launch of the first fully online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Music Theatre degree programs in the country.

With the number of performing arts opportunities steadily diversifying and widening across the digital landscape, it has never been more important for students to have the ability to access exceptional higher education.

The classes in AMDA’s online BFA programs will provide students around the world access to AMDA’s premier performing arts training, where they can train in virtual environments to perform at the professional level both in-person and within digital spaces. As part of these new online programs AMDA is including a technology package in the cost of attendance allowing all students to train with the same tech equipment which will be theirs to keep upon completion of the BFA. AMDA’s commitment to equity in technology establishes a true collaborative process within the virtual classroom.

AMDA’s goal is to offer the experience of learning side by side with other emerging student artists in a virtual setting regardless of geographical limitations.

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