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Born and raised in Singapore, Eidza Jumanis married and started a family in Singapore before deciding to move to Malaysia in 2012 due to her husband’s business that deals with data centers. In an interview with TMV, Eidza talks about her journey and experience in pursuing her dreams in making candles to setting up her very own company, 5Luxe Scents Co.

When Eidza Jumanis was 19 years old, her first job was in IT training as an IT trainer and she spent almost a decade in the training line before deciding to venture into sales in the IT department. “I was experiencing burnout in the IT line so I decided to challenge myself to learn a new skill and create a product for sale. I wanted it to not only be a business that I am happy with but something that could also bring joy to others.”

Eidza has always loved candles so she decided to turn her passion into a business. “I went to my first candle-making class with my daughters but after the class, I didn’t make any candles,” says the entrepreneur. “After a few months, I was still procrastinating so I had to push myself to start. After four months, I was making a lot of mistakes. The candles didn’t set well and didn’t emit any scent.”

Despite the disappointments, Eidza didn’t give up and decided to attend a one-to-one class that was taught by a chandler who had been in this line for over 20 years in Melbourne. “I would meet her yearly to upgrade my skills,” says Eidza. “Marketing was also a challenging experience as I had to go through a trial and error period. I also spent a lot of time researching and studying about other businesses in Malaysia.”

5Luxe Scents Co. produces hand-poured candles, reed diffusers, room and linen sprays, fragrance cards, wax melts and also wax sachets. “We have a few other home fragrances that’re in the pipeline. We use coconut and soy wax for our candles and premium fragrance oils that’s paraben and cruelty free,” says Eidza excitedly.

“We are glad that could supply our candles, reed diffusers and room sprays to the events management department for Resorts World Genting. Happy Bunch have also been supportive and we have collaborated on projects together. One of the projects that I love was the Gossip Girl launch with HBO and Astro,” says Eidza joyfully. “Another collaboration we love is with the staff of Tudung People whom we have collaborated a few times. Collaborations have helped the brand grow. Our brand was also selected to be in Ourshop by AirAsia when it was promoting local brands.”

My dream is for 5Luxe Scents Co. to be a reliable and trusted brand in Malaysia for people who love candles.

5Luxe Scents Co. import some of its raw materials from Australia and France. “As we work with natural waxes, on some months when the weather gets scorching hot, our candles will produce sweat. That’s when we sometimes have to change our formulation,” says Eidza. “During the period of Covid-19 and MCO, it was an obvious challenge as it pushes us to be more creative in our marketing strategy in order to change to fit whatever the situation is.”

The company is now listed on Journify’s website by Malaysia Airlines. It also won the “Made For The World Excellence Award 2021” organised by NiagaTimes for Best Scented Candles & Spray Brand Of The Year for “Emerging Start-Up Category”.

“My dream is for 5Luxe Scents Co. to be a reliable and trusted brand in Malaysia for people who love candles. We pour, mix and packed the candles ourselves. I want 5Luxe Scents Co. to be a sought-after brand because of the range of quality products that are of great quality and are reasonably priced,” says Eidza.

Eidza is thankful for the support and blessings that she received from the family. “They are very supportive when I wanted to expand the company. I am also blessed to have a supportive team who believes in me and trust my decisions. They understand my dreams and my visions,” says the dynamic entrepreneur. “It gives me positive vibes that inspire me to be more creative and work harder when people recognise the brand, talk and do postings about our products on social media.”

“For the young people, I would advise that they must not be too hasty to start a business based on just an idea. Take time to research on the business that you intend to start. Ask yourself about all the possible setbacks and how to address them. When you are confident after evaluating the pros and cons that it will work, make that silent prayer, trust the One above and set forth,” advises Eidza.