Much larger electoral roll soon

by | Jan 12, 2022 | NEWS | 0 comments

Malaysia’s electoral roll, or number of voters, is set to increase on Jan 16 this year by as much as 5.8 million following the implementation of Undi18 by the Election Commission.

The names that will appear on the electoral roll include 4.6 million who did not register earlier. The ones that registered earlier number 1.2 million bringing the tally of Undi18 voters to 5.8 million.

On the 16th of every month the electoral roll will be updated and gazetted by the EC compared to the previous method of updating it every three months.

Undi18 was officially implemented on Dec. 15 last year and this 5.8 million young voters will be the first lot to be automatically registered as voters.

This will represent a massive increase of about 40 percent in the electoral roll from about 15 million to about 21 million voters.

Political analysts contend that this is set to be a new and big challenge to political parties vying in the 15th General Election and they are of the opinion that the political landscape is set to change because of the mindset of so many young voters.