CSR Malaysia Team Cleans Up Kampung Sungai SOP

by | Jan 4, 2022 | SUSTAINABILITY | 0 comments

Atop a hill and off the beaten path lies the tiny village of Kampung Sungai SOP in Hulu Langat. Nestled between a forest and a nearby river, the small rural community consisting of just 15 houses saw the worst of the recent floods that have devastated areas all over the Klang Valley. 

Sympathetic to their plight, the CSR Malaysia team quickly readied supplies and mobilized resources to aid in the cleanup. Upon arrival, the team was taken aback by the extent of the damage. Debris caked in mud blanketed the surroundings. Families stood outside hosing down their belongings. The ground was littered with the remnants of everyday life items such as books, toys, and fluorescent tubes. A group of nearby children related their experience of the floods. They spoke of how they climbed tables to escape the rising waters, and as the waters rose further still, how they were forced to evacuate to a nearby hill and watch as the floods engulfed their homes. 

The team began by distributing small donations to households within the village. After each house had been seen to, efforts to clean up the area were soon underway. The muddy terrain and sweltering heat proved challenging conditions to work in. Doing their best to remove what they could from the mire, the team then shifted their focus towards cleaning up the nearby river. After they had exhausted their efforts and their supply of garbage bags, the team was offered refreshments and the chance to wash up by a kind resident.