Boss Mama Steps Up To Donate 360 New Bras To Flood Victims

by | Jan 4, 2022 | SUSTAINABILITY | 0 comments

Boss Mama was co-founded by Shakira Kavanagh and Junita Rashid, 2 Malaysian mothers who noticed a gap in the market when searching for good breast pumping bras that were functional,comfortable, and discreet for all-day wear. As exclusive pumping mothers (purely bottle feeding expressed breast milk), this was a very big pain point for them and many other mothers. They decided to create a solution once and for all, and together, they came up with their hero product: the Real-Support Bra. Since launching on 11/11/2020, Boss Mama has extended their vision to extend beyond nursing and pumping bras. Shakira and Junita aim to continue coming up with thoughtfully designed solutions for the countless pain points in motherhood.

In light of the recent flooding that has devastated several parts of the country, especially the Klang Valley, Boss Mama acted fast to do what they could. They monitored the situation, seeing what provisions were donated by the Rakyat, and they were made aware that undergarments were in dire need. What started off as a small goal to share the cost of 50 Real-Support Bras to donate was achieved within a few hours. Requests to donate more bras quickly poured in, and they decided to open it up to the public—for every RM35 donated, the public essentially purchased a Real-Support Bra for a flood victim in need. In 3 days, Boss Mama received enough funds to donate 360 Real-Support Bras.

● 100 bras were donated to flood victims in Dewan Jati, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam,

● 100 bras were donated to Kampung Melayu Subang, funded by Happy Bank Crew,

● 80 bras and 50 pairs of panties were donated to Fat Squad, who requested for plus size undergarments,

● 50 bras were donated to Kita Fund, who distributed them to affected women in Selangor and Pahang,

● 30 bras were donated to private self-funded initiatives by selfless Boss Mama customers.

Boss Mama truly believes in giving back to the community, seeing as how much joy and relief they’ve given breastfeeding and breast pumping mothers in only their first year of operation. Despite being a small, self-funded company, they stepped up to provide for disaster-stricken women while many established companies only provided the bare minimum or worse, stayed silent.

Boss Mama is overjoyed and overwhelmed by the generosity of their Boss Mama community, and they are extremely grateful that they put their trust in them to help the flood victims, especially the women who needed them the most. For more information about Boss Mama’s fundraising initiative or about the company in general, please contact Junita Rashid via junita@bossmama.my or 012-3987094, or visit Boss Mama’s Instagram (@bossmama.my) and website www.bossmama.my.