New look for Penang ferries and terminals

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Business, LOCAL | 0 comments

Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB), in a statement, said the terminal upgrade on the island and mainland are expected to be completed in mid-June and October next year respectively at a cost of nearly RM100 million.

This sum includes the purchase of four new ferries costing RM16 million each which will be ready for service by mid-2023.

A total of RM30 million is being spent on transforming the Raja Tun Uda terminal on this island and the Sultan Abdul Halim terminal next to Penang Sentral in Butterworth.

PPSB said this is the first major expansion of the ferry terminals in the last five decades and they want to transform the entire area into a vibrant public transport hub with retail outlets, hawker stalls and a business center.

PPSB said it is time for ferry travel to be something to look out for as there are 2.5 million pedestrians and 1.5 million two-wheelers using the ferry services every year.

The waiting area will feature amenities like those seen in airports. It will be air-conditioned, have WiFi, feature universal access to cater for disabled persons, have phone charging docks, passenger lifts, as well as retail and food and beverage areas.