Malaysians appalled by public holiday

by | Dec 4, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

In a show of angst, many Malaysians took to social media over the Federal Territories Minister’s declaration of a public holiday on Dec. 3 in all federal territories following Kuala Lumpur’s win in the Malaysia Cup.

Comments were wide-ranging but to sum up the biggest complaint was that the Malaysia Cup was only a domestic competition and there really was no need to go overboard in what many netizens contend was a minor sport show.

One comment in Facebook was that although Manchester United had won the prestigious English Premier League not once was there a declaration of a holiday in the city of Manchester which goes to show that the FT public holiday is unnecessary.

One Member of Parliament claimed that the public holiday comes at a cost of RM400 million for people not going to work in the federal territories and questioned if Malaysia can afford to have this kind of luxury.

Even in advanced and developed countries public holidays are hard to come by but Malaysia seems to have far too many public holidays over trivial events especially religious which would never occur in the First World.

Perhaps the celebration by FT in winning the Malaysia Cup should have been more low key given the fact that Covid-19 cases are still high and caution should be exercised by those who choose to celebrate.