The acute shortage of engineers must be overcome

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Business, HUMAN RESOURCES | 0 comments

According to the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) there is an acute shortage of engineers nationwide which could hamper the country’s economic growth especially in the fields of manufacturing and software development.

FMM said there are three main causes for the shortage and they include several large foreign direct investments who took up most of the engineers, then the blame is also on the Covid-19 pandemic and the third reason being the low intake of engineering students in local colleges and universities.

The Malaysian Association of Engineers (MAE) said low salaries and static pay scales over the past two decades are other reasons for the shortage of engineers in certain industries.

In response, the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), which is the regulatory body for engineering, stated that the setting of the minimum wage for engineers is the same as other professions based on supply and demand.

According to BEM, the estimated starting salary of engineers, including allowances in the civil service in 2000 was RM1800, while it was RM3,500 in 2021, an increase of almost 100 percent over 20 years.