Government must ensure needs of rakyat are met

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


For nearly two years now the Covid-19 pandemic has enveloped the nation and therefore it is important that the government of the day ensure that the basic needs of the rakyat are fully met for the overall well being of Malaysians.

Besides the government, the private sector, civic groups and organisations, non-governmental organisations and others concerned, these parties should also play a role to assist and advise the government.

Basically, Malaysians want good, affordable housing, a sound education, food and provisions that are of quality and to this they also want healthcare and medical treatment that is cost-effective so that they can live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

While Malaysians don’t want to own RM100 million properties, what they aspire to have is a decent, meaningful and comfortable Quality-of-Life that is comparable with other countries so that they don’t need to think of migrating to greener pastures.

Under Ismail Sabri’s Malaysian Family concept there must be that inclusiveness and no group or individual must be left out especially the poor, the marginalized and the disadvantaged sectors of society who are constantly in need of aid.

Coming up with a comprehensive Master Plan to eradicate povery must be on the drawing board of the government and the federal cabinet must endorse a framework and time frame by which there will no longer be any hardcore poor in the country.


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