Should malls adhere to bumiputera traders demanding not to choose global brands?

by | Dec 2, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Bumiputera traders are requesting the government to intervene in hopes to snatch business premises from global brands at prime locations.

Leading the charge is Bumiputera Retailers Organisation Secretary-General, Mohamed Mustakim Manaf claiming that not many Bumiputeras businesses can afford the rental prices set in malls.

He said, “What frustrates us more is that Bumiputera traders are often placed at non-strategic spots, while the prime locations are allotted to the global brands, even though we pay the same rent.”

However, Malaysians are not leveled with the statements because to have a successful business requires more than a strategic location.

Alexandra Keishin who was upset over the matter said, “Being in a prime location does not 100% boost your sales. It just means that we (the business) are here.”

He added that to improve sales meant to also invest in marketing, whether it is on social media or billboards.

Benny Foo reminds Bumiputeras that all malls are strictly business orientated.

“Malls do not run a charity cause otherwise, they would have gone bankrupt,” he said.

Benny advised Bumiputera traders to face the challenge because, in the city, it is exceptionally tough compared to the outskirts.