Facepalmed for Malaysia after WSF strips squash hosting rights

by | Dec 1, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Sports | 0 comments

Malaysians are left annoyed as the World Squash Federation has stripped the hosting rights of the Men’s Squash World Team Championships from Malaysia for not allowing Israeli players to participate.

In a statement, the squash governing body said the decision was based on some of the nations that are not able to get visas and travel authorizations from the Malaysian government.

It added that WSF upholds the belief that the championship should be open and inclusive.

The public now has condemned the Malaysian government accusing them of choosing their pride over reason.

Daniel Ragu admits Malaysia had the right to choose its decision but because of that, it got pierced with a double edge sword.

“It’s a reasonable thought but on the other hand you’re ruining our sports spirit and culture by not letting them play,” he said.

Some had looked at Malaysia and were baffled at their seriousness of hosting an international tournament.

A question raised was why did Malaysia host the event if Israel was participating in the first place?

Generally, Malaysians agree that the spirit of sportsmanship surpasses any race religion or creed.

Mike Koh does not want to see the nation host any more international tournaments as this incident has embarrassed the public.

“I believe large sports events have a clause that says you must be able to issue visas to the athletes all countries involved,” he added.