Malaysians encourage one another for booster shots amid rising hesitancy

by | Nov 30, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

While the government is figuring out how to convince people to take the Covid-19 booster shots, Malaysians are encouraging those averse on social media.

Recently the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin had not decided if fully vaccinated citizens are still considered that if they have not taken their booster shots.

He said, “If we find that the number of cases, hospitalisation rate and deaths are increasing due to the people’s reluctance to receive booster doses, and it becomes an international norm to require both the primer series and booster shots to be considered full vaccinated, then we will make a similar decision.”

Some Malaysians are hesitant to take the boosters due to the ‘cocktail’ nature around them but others are hoping they change their mind.

Saiful Hafez Ali, a client bank manager said, “Three days ago I got my Pfizer booster shot after two doses of Sinovac and I am feeling just fine.”

He added that he is keen to take additional boosters over the upcoming months if it is required and advises people to do so as it is their responsibility.

Vanis Veera believes people need to take the vaccine as there aren’t many ways to avoid Covid-19 effectively.

“Now boosters are the solution but many out there are still reluctant of taking it after being fully vaccinated? I’m confused,” he said.

Vanis wants the government to do more studies for booster shots to show that the science works.

Khairy has suggested that the government increase uptake through education and pass over information to the public before taking an aggressive approach.