Genting Malaysia under pressure to close down

by | Nov 29, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The rapid Islamisation exercise that is being witnessed in the country right now is prompting Malay rights groups, Muslim extremists and other lunatic fringe groups to pressure Genting Malaysia to close down its casino operations.

Viewing gambling as ‘haram’ or a prohibited activity under Islam, Malaysia’s Parti PAS political party is leading the way to condemn Genting Highlands which describes itself as the City of Entertainment as actually being the ‘City of Sin’.

Fundamental Muslims in the country have been pressuring the closure of all gambling activity such as the recent ban on 4D betting in the north Malaysian state of Kedah and banning the sales of alcohol in a large number of places.

Genting Malaysia has been wary for the last one-and-a-half decades of these moves and has wisely diversified its casino operations to Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and is eyeing other countries where they can set up casinos.

Gamblers and punters argue that if the Genting casino has to cease operations the nation will lose a huge chunk in gaming tax and other revenue from the casino, hotels and outdoor and indoor theme park and therefore call for a rethink before actually withdrawing Genting’s casino licence.

But research house analysts contend that it is difficult in the coming 15th General Election, which has to be called in early 2023, for the Islamic radicals to seize power and believe that the Genting casino is still a safe bet to stay in Malaysia.