Sarawakian rages on social media over insane flight prices to KL

by | Nov 25, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

A singer from Sarawak raged on social media over the inflated ticket prices between Kuala Lumpur to Sarawak.

Alena Murang was displeased with local airlines for making it a hassle for East Malaysians to return home for the festive period.

The Borneo singer urged the Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Seri Lee Kim Shin to provide an answer if not a solution for the absurd hike on prices.

She added, “”If only you knew how many tears were shed by all the Sarawakians who couldn’t return home last year cause due to the lockdown, please have a heart. I mean we are the state that celebrates Christmas the most!”

Alena urged that for the sake of Sarawakians, she urges the government to reduce the prices for those waiting to go home to their loved ones.

In her post she shared that the flight tickets were priced at RM 1,485 before Christmas and after the new year it went higher up to RM 2,600.

Malaysians across social media have also voiced out the impact they had and how it is unaffordable.

“It’s clearly ridiculous when it is one way and considering it is not an international flight,” said Ashton Lakai.

He added that even to change the seating arrangement costs additional money which people are already hesitant to spend.