People call for Anwar to step down as opposition leader

by | Nov 25, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The pressure for Anwar Ibrahim to resign as Opposition leader is amounting on him as calls from both supporters and coalition member’s ring.

The Port Dickson member of Parliament had confirmed tha there were ‘opinions’ sounding for him to step down.

He said, “It’s okay, we will look into it. But I just want to remind here that opinions shouldn’t be deemed as arrogant as it could trigger negative reactions.”

Cracks are starting to show within the coalition after being obliterated in the recent Melaka elections, losing half of their seats to Barisan Nasional.

DAP’s Bilut representative Lee Chin Chen had advised that Anwar should step down, suggesting that Lee had lost faith in his leadership.

Opposition supporters are rocking the same boat after equally ashamed of the election results.

Lee Yong Chien said, “Anwar should step down. He keeps playing the frog’s game. It is nonproductive, outdated and tiring.”

He added that he has lost the support from the people and if the opposition wants to move forward, it would not be Anwar leading the charge.

Others have appreciated Anwar’s effort to change the nation for the better but believe he is being stubborn and arrogant.

“We want young blood. This country needs young strength to pull her out from this corrupted mud hole fill with greedy old politicians,” said Duncan Loo.