Jannabi’s Yoon Kyul Arrested On Charges For Assaulting Woman While Drunk

by | Nov 25, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

Yoon Kyul of Jannabi fame has been apprehended on charges of assaulting a woman while drunk after she turned down his advances. 

According to an undergoing investigation by the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, the 29-year-old former drummer of the K-rock band and the woman were both in attendance at a fellow acquaintance’s wedding reception held at a restaurant in the Apgujeong area.

Witnesses at the occasion say that they saw a drunk Yoon Kyul attempting to talk to the woman, but when she refused to respond to him, he proceeded to hit her on the back of the head multiple times. He was also said to have caused a scene, throwing items about the area in a stir.

The woman involved has also submitted her statement to the police.

Jannabi’s agency, Peponi Music, has released a statement, displaying their shock over the news and revealing that despite coming back to perform with the band after completing his mandatory military service, his contract with the agency has technically expired.

“We personally heard about the incident from drummer Yoon Kyul himself. Because the story Yoon Kyul told us is different from what was reported in the news, we ourselves are quite baffled.

Even before this, our agency’s staff and all the Jannabi members have always warned Yoon Kyul not to cause the kind of shameful incident described in today’s news reports. However, the incident reported in the news still took place, and so we are unable to hide our disappointment,” the statement goes on to say.

“Before Yoon Kyul began his military service as a public service worker, his contract with Jannabi had already expired, so his contract [with us] had already been terminated, and after he finished his service, he did not renew his contract.”