Calling for the closure of vernacular schools is unjust

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


There is a need to have a sound basis of understanding of the role of vernacular schools in this country or there will be calls to shut down these schools by ill-informed and racist groups and individuals from time to time.

Vernacular schools should be here to stay. In no way are these schools belittling the use of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language and neither are these schools in any way a threat to Islam as the official religion of the country.

In vernacular schools, Bahasa Malaysia is given its due importance besides Mandarin and Tamil. Mandarin and Tamil are the mother tongues of pupils in Chinese and Indian schools respectively and this is the heritage of these communities.

Clamping down and trying to close vernacular schools is therefore unjust and runs counter to the principles of the founding fathers of the nation and these schools are protected lawfully under the federal constitution.

If vernacular schools are seen as a threat by some quarters it is precisely because they are beginning to attract many Malay and other bumiputera parents and students with their high quality of education.

There should be no jealousy on the part of Malay rights groups of vernacular schools and instead what these lunatic fringe groups should do is strive to improve the quality of education in national, Malay and Islamic religious schools to be on par with vernacular schools.


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