Urgent appeals to control prices of food and beverages

by | Nov 24, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Mr Khaw, a government pensioner for the last thirty years, laments that his favourite noodle stall now charges him RM10 for his choice of noodles and RM2.50 for teh ais which he feels has just become too costly.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic Mr Khaw says he was only paying RM6 for the noodles and RM1.60 for the teh ais. He feels the increases have become too fast without any consideration for the financial hardship of people.

Syed Ahmad, a technician, says he patronised a supposedly home cooked Indian food truck and was charged RM 14 for four small pieces of chicken, two pieces of tohfu, half rice and a tea and vowed never to eat at this place again.

Malaysians are bewildered and wondering why even the pasar malam is no longer a cheap option with prices mushrooming as traders try to recoup their losses over the pandemic period by unjustly raising prices.

Businesses are set up to make a profit. That’s the bottomline of any business but businesses should not be set up to profiteer or make a profit that is way too high by preying on needy and helpless consumers.

This is why Malaysians of all walks of life are appealing to the authorities to look into and control the prices of goods and services, especially the astronomical and rising prices of food and beverages.