Kenya’s Police Force puts Malaysian politicians to shame with Proton X70 fleet

by | Nov 24, 2021 | NEWS, WORLD | 0 comments

The Kenyan government has chosen the Proton X70 for their police force making Malaysians ridicule local politicians for wanting foreign branded cars.

In a Facebook post, Proton Kenya shared that 30 of the SUV cars have been passed to the Kenya Police service.

It was proudly mentioned, “The Proton X70 will bring supreme style, superb stability, and comfort for the National Police Service as they execute their mandate.”

Sallie Lim said, “The Kenyan Police force is so proud of using our Proton for their work but the Malaysian government instead of being proud of our national car opted for foreign cars.”

She added that it is a disgrace and they should be ashamed.

Recently ministers in the government had received a 2.5L Toyota Vellfire for official use that created a feud on its own.

The bitter sentiment was due to the minister’s receiving lavish cars while people were losing their jobs, businesses went bankrupt and suicide cases were on the rise.

Aaron Dave does not believe that any of the current Members of Parliament are fit enough for such cars.

“If our ministers are really hardworking for the country, then yes, they deserve the Vellfires,” he said.

However, politicians are always arguing, fighting for power, be it at the federal or state level in a time when they need to instill togetherness and cooperation.