ThinkCERCA Adopted by Oregon State Board of Education

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ThinkCERCA’s personalized literacy platform among approved instructional materials for 6-8 English language arts and reading.

ThinkCERCA, a recognized industry leader in student reading and writing growth, the Oregon State Board of Education has approved its core curriculum for English Language Arts and reading for grades 6-8. Designed by veteran teachers, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) authors, and nationally recognized literacy experts, ThinkCERCA is proven to help students achieve two years of reading growth in one school year. With this adoption, Oregon educators now have access to a comprehensive curriculum and easy-to- use platform that engages all learners while driving student outcomes.

Designed to support Oregon districts and schools in meeting standards, ThinkCERCA includes differentiated close reading and academic writing lessons that were built upon research-based methods for developing students’ language and literacy skills.

“It is an honor to be approved by the Oregon State Board of Education as a comprehensive English language arts solution that helps students become stronger readers, writers, and critical thinkers,” said Eileen Murphy, ThinkCERCA’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited to partner with Oregon districts and schools that believe in the power of personalized literacy instruction to help all students maximize learning.”

ThinkCERCA’s personalized literacy platform offers:

  • direct instruction and self-paced lessons that introduce students to the underlying skills needed to master literacy;
  • close reading and academic writing lessons that guide students through the process of analyzing content-rich texts and multimedia to construct cohesive argumentative, informational, or narrative writings;
  • and CERCA Slides and Student Guides for helping teachers implement research-based literacy practices into their classrooms, regardless of technology access.

ThinkCERCA’s applied practice lessons are centered around debatable topics that get students thinking critically about real-world issues. These lessons are differentiated for 10 levels to fuel engaging discussions among students of varying readiness levels.

Thinkcerca has patented critical thinking technology and proven results. An independent, controlled study of 26 ed-tech products by LEAP Innovations showed ThinkCERCA helped students achieve an extra year’s worth of reading growth in one school year. What’s more, SRI Education found that students who used ThinkCERCA saw a 20 percent gain in their writing scores.

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